How Do I Request OncoAct?

OncoAct can only be requested by a treating physician in a hospital. Before tumor tissue and blood can be transported, a Service Agreement must be signed. The logistics should be coordinated with the hospital’s pathology department and the hospital’s clinical chemical laboratory.

Service Agreement

The treating physician:


Does your hospital not yet have a service agreement with Hartwig? Please contact us.


completes or supplements the Services Agreement pre-completed by Hartwig Medical Foundation where necessary.


Submits the Service Agreement by email to Hartwig Medical Foundation for verification.

Receives the Service Agreement

Will receive the Service Agreement by email after it has been verified and signed by Hartwig Medical Foundation, in order for it to be signed by the appropriate persons at the hospital.

Signs the agreement at the hospital

ensures that the agreement is signed by a person authorized to sign. Immediately after signing by all parties, the persons authorized to sign will receive the fully signed version. If a digital signature has not been chosen, the person authorized to sign will scan the Service Agreement and send it to Hartwig Medical Foundation by e-mail.

Inform the patient and if necessary request permission to store data

The treating physician:

Discusses content and possible outcomes with patient

Discusses possible outcome

Share data

Asks patient if he wants to share data for future patients
When the hospital has database agreement with Hartwig, it is important that the patient makes a choice about the storage of his or her data in it. The hospital can pass this information on to Hartwig via the Sample Registration Form for the tumor tissue. Hartwig will process the material according to the patient’s choice.

Transport of Tumor Tissue and Blood

The treating physician:

Receives the Sample Registration Form

Will receive a Sample Registration form for tumor tissue and blood after Hartwig Medical Foundation and the appropriate people in the hospital sign the Service Agreement. It contains the pre-assigned ID number for the tumor tissue and blood. This ID number is used by Hartwig Medical Foundation and mentioned in the OncoAct patient report.

Receives Information from Hartwig Medical Foundation

completes tab 1 of the Sample Registration Form completely and correctly. Information about the collection of tumor tissue and blood can be found in the same form, on tabs 2 and 3.

Sends a Digital Copy of Sample Registration Form to Hartwig Medical Foundation

Sends a digital copy of the completed Sample Registration Form to Hartwig Medical Foundation.

Sending the Tumour Tissue and Blood

Sends tumor tissue via the pathology department and blood via the phlebotomy outpatient clinic to Hartwig Medical Foundation according to instructions on tabs 2 and 3 on the form along with both the printed and fully completed Sample Registration forms.

Confirms Receipt

Will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email with a registration number after receipt of tumor tissue and blood. Hartwig Medical Foundation requests the registration number to be used in all further correspondence.

DNA Analysis and Report

Hartwig Medical Foundation:

Extensive DNA test

Begins processing tumor tissue and blood, performs the sequencing and analysis, and records the findings in an OncoAct WGS report.

OncoAct WGS report

Sends the patient report to the treating physician within 10 business days, if the tumor tissue and blood are of sufficient quality.

Would you like to know more about the extensive DNA test? Visit: How does OncoAct work?

Costs and Reimbursement

Please contact us to get more information about the costs of OncoAct. This includes all activities, from receiving the tumor tissue and blood to compiling and sending the OncoAct WGS report. This includes a summary (explanation) of the findings of the clinical molecular biologist for the treating physician and patient

If it turns out that the tumor percentage in the tumor tissue is lower than 20%, the data are insufficiently reliable for performing a bioinformatic data analysis. If that happens, we will not compile an OncoAct WGS report. In that case, we will only charge the costs for the processing of the tumor tissue and blood and the initial quality controls.

Each country has its own rules for the reimbursement of molecular diagnostic DNA tests, including OncoAct. Until now, the Netherlands only has a separate reimbursement for DNA tests such as OncoAct for patients whose primary tumor is unknown.

For the patient: You can ask your health insurer and healthcare provider in your own country whether they will reimburse part of the DNA test or whether the hospital where the DNA test is taken will bear the costs independently.

Request a DNA test via the attending physician: We only work at the request of the treating physician. In order to provide OncoAct, we always enter into a Service Agreements with the healthcare institution. By doing this, we ensure that the biopsy and blood collection is done via the pathology department and the phlebotomy outpatient clinic and that the results of the DNA test are also included in the patient file and are available for treatment and inspection.

More Information

If you are a treating physician and you have further questions after reading the above information, please email You can also contact us by phone on working days via +31 (0)20 – 226 9700.

WGS offers the possibility to implement new biomarkers directly. This way you always have the most complete genomic analysis.

— Kim Monkhorst